The XT


The XT is extending things just a little further with the addition of 12" to the cargo area, the two additional windows, the roof top vent, a carbon monoxide detector, and the egress back door.  

Now what are you going to do with all this extra space?!?  Yeah, that is never really a problem is it?  Sleep in it, fill it with gear, regardless this XT is a nice upgrade that is seriously worth considering.

  • 15" Wheels
  • 2" Coupler with Pintle Hook Ring
  • 7way Trailer Connector

  • Base Framework- 2x2 Steel Tube
  • Body Framework- 1.5x1.5 Steel Tube
  • Drawbar- 3x3 Steel Tube
  • StepUp Fender- 12ga Sheet Steel
  • Body and Doors- 14ga Sheet Steel
The body of the trailer has 5 different receiver points to accommodate other "hitch style" accessories.  The rear receiver point can be used to tow tandem where allowed by the law.  Trailer weight is 1500 lbs with no options and up to 3000 lbs fully loaded. 

Outside Dimensions
  • 72 H x 175 L x 77 W  
  • 70" Axle Track
  • Trailer Body 50 H x 108 L x 56 W
Cargo Area 
  • 46 H x 84 L x 56 W
  • 3 Access Doors to Cargo Area