The Outpost


This is the only way to start.  Solid structure that will last a long, long time. Fabricated with a steel tube frame and 14ga sheet steel body. Add to that the useful 12ga fenders built to stand on and a leaf spring axle rated for 3,500 lbs.    

The finish of the trailer starts with sandblasting down all of the steel, applying a durable primer, and ending with a high performing, long lasting powder coated finish. Just one of the steps in making sure your BorderLand Trailer is built to last. 

  • 15" Wheels
  • 2" Coupler with Pintle Hook Ring
  • 7way Trailer Connector

  • Base Framework- 2x2 Steel Tube
  • Body Framework- 1.5x1.5 Steel Tube
  • Drawbar- 3x3 Steel Tube
  • StepUp Fender- 12ga Sheet Steel
  • Body and Doors- 14ga Sheet Steel
The body of the trailer has 5 different receiver points to accommodate other "hitch style" accessories.  The rear receiver point can be used to tow tandem where allowed by the law.  Trailer weight is 1400 lbs with no options and up to 2500 lbs fully loaded. 

Outside Dimensions
  • 72 H x 163 L x 77 W  
  • 70" Axle Track
  • Trailer Body 50 H x 96 L x 56 W
Cargo Area 
  • 46 H x 72 L x 56 W
  • 3 Access Doors to Cargo Area